I Have

I have ridden a tornado in Oklahoma.
I have seen the Grand Canyon, the Great Sequoias, the Great Plains, ancient Yellowstone, the Black Hills, the Rockies, the Appalachians.
I have seen fireworks on a July night in Washington DC.
I have fished the Great Lakes.
I have shopped in New York.
I have gambled in Las Vegas.
I have cleared trees for farming, island bush for gardens.
I have marched hundreds of miles with the Army, walked countless more on my own.
I have climbed mountains, crossed valleys, swam rivers.
I have danced salsa in Mexico.
I have felt the cold salt winds of the North Atlantic on my face.
I have ridden trains across England, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Slovakia.
I have bathed under a waterfall.
I have known the secrets on a nation.
I have tasted crab cakes in Maryland.
I have bartered in an ancient market.
I have camped on beaches in the Caribbean.
I have heard the first call to prayer on an Afghan winters morning.
I have sat on the bottom of a Mexican cenote.
I have surfed, skied, climbed cliffs just to jump off them.
I have traversed Dracula’s castle on a Halloween night.
I have hitchhiked from Rossaveel to Galway, from Hull Bay to Redhook.
I have walked on frozen lakes and desert sands.
I have swam the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean.
I have crossed a Scottish loch.
I have slept under a bridge.
I have ridden horses, driven cattle, bailed hay
I have felt the energy, the power of a unified crowd.
I have napped in the Dead Sea.
I have labored in the sun.
I have relaxed in Montana’s hot springs.
I have swam with sharks, rays, and with turtles.
I have boxed in a Mexican gym.
I have chanted in a Kirtan circle.
I have seen Petra, the Colosseum, ancient, modern, natural wonders the world over.
I have prayed in the Bible Belt.
I have seen the Sahara Dust.
I have seen coral reefs.
I have been shown the psychedelic wisdoms.
I have felt Hedone’s touch.
I have been lost in the deserts of Jordan.
I have cheered in massive stadiums.
I have seen poverty and wealth.
I have listened to sailors tell stories in a Caribbean bar.
I have tasted beer made by Belgian monks.
I have been to concerts, festivals, and fairs.
I have partied in Rome, in Brussels, in Amsterdam, in Ibiza.
I have quarantined in a hostel.
I have seen the snow fall on a medieval German village.
I have eaten desserts made for European royalty.
I have seen history’s great works of art.
I have listened to gab in an Irish pub.
I have tasted sangria on the beaches of Spain.
I have believed and rejected.
I have cried in grief, in joy, in a holding cell, in clarity.
I have made mistakes.
I have made friends.
I have loved.
I have followed orders.
I have taken charge.
I have saved and squandered.
I have seen more countries than years.
I have even lost an arm-wrestling match to an Irishman at a yacht club in Ibiza, while his Russian girlfriend watched.
I have lived a life beyond what I ever thought possible, for which I am incredibly thankful, but…

I Have Just Begun.

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