A Question: How do you define reality?

This has been a reoccurring topic in my life of late; so, let’s have a conversation, shall we? Do you believe in an objective, or personal reality? That is, do you believe we’re simply witnessing a series of events external to our own consciousness? These events, the “physical” goings on of the universe, all being indifferent to the conscious observer? Meaning reality exists regardless of being observed. Reality remains fixed no matter how perception warps its translation within a conscious mind.  

Or maybe, you believe in a personal reality, wherein consciousness creates its own reality. Any physical phenomena are given life and sequentially perceived by consciousness. ie, nothing truly exists, except what is currently being manifested within you. Even if external matter did exist, it wouldn’t matter (so to speak) until given space within your consciousness. Could then, a quasi-controlled lunacy be the key to controlling one’s personal reality?

I like to think of reality as the proverbial sum total of individual physical phenomena, total observing consciousness, and the collective interactions between the two? Each simultaneously existing co/in-dependently. Assuming this were true, one could factor in the senses, or lenses rather, through which the physical and ethereal communicate. One can then see how things like language or light are direct influences on the observers perception of a physical phenomenon. These effects reach the physical realm as well, as the changes in each will continue to reflect off each other, redefining the whole.

Ok, I’m done now. Tell me what you think?


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