Ignorance and Volume

A THOUGHT: You cannot fix ignorance with volume; not by any meaning of the word. Real change is not brought about via bullhorn. That millionth share means nothing. A chant will unite & excite, a shared article will inform, but only the likeminded, those predisposed to the idea. To those opposed, it comes off as a threat. If we want real change; I’m talking a change of the heart and mind, then we need a more subtle tool. Patience. Please, be tolerant to the perceived ignorance of your brothers and sisters. Be understanding. Be compassionate. Reach out with open arms, not clinched fists. Social media can organize a movement like no tool ever could. The crowds and marches are perfect for exacting symbolic change. Politicians fear the mob, some may even genuinely care about their constituents. Yes, volume may change things on paper, but we’ve a more difficult task. Education, for a people made just and kind by its laws alone are neither. So how to change the character of a species? How to direct its moral compass? My theory; soft, slow, genuine conversation. Stop the shouting. Let go of your aggressive undertones. Stop dismissing. Stop minimizing. Stop dehumanizing. Stop reducing those you disagree with to a faceless mass. We are more than flags and movements. Humanity is vastly more complicated than that. Humanity deserves more respect than that. Let us start the change together, one person at a time.

I challenge you to find one person with whom your perspective clashes. Invite them out. Talk about anything but the issues. Find common ground, a mutual respect. Family, friends, hobbies, dreams. Know each other’s perspective before you debate. Ask them: When you’re old and grey, what will you consider a good life? I think you’ll find that most of us have the same dream in our hearts. Be ready to be the one changing your mind. Start there, and remember, the people around you are friends to be made, not enemies to be conquered.  

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